rev. 8/2019


Good attendance is imperative for members of the competition team. Students who continually miss classes will be behind on classroom material. This is unfair to all members of the team. Attendance will be taken, and the following attendance policy will be enforced:

A. For every three classes that are missed, a minimum of one hour of private lessons must be taken. If a student is still struggling with the choreography, more private time may be required.  This will be at the teachers’ discretion.

B. When a student misses a class for any reason, she has two weeks from the day that was missed to learn any new choreography. This can be achieved by scheduling a private, or by making arrangements with a reliable class member. If two weeks have passed and no arrangements have been made, the student who does not know the choreography will only be permitted to observe.

C. Tuition will remain the same regardless of absences. Private lessons will be an extra charge.

D. Refer to "Competition Team Attendance Policy" for detailed attendance policy. (rev. 7/18)




Dance conventions are essential for competition dancers. The experience that is gained from conventions is unparalleled, and it exposes the dancers to many styles of both dancing and teaching. If any dancer wishes to continue with dance after graduation on any level, be it teaching or gaining acceptance into a college dance program, she should take advantage of as many dance conventions as possible.

A. For all non-nationals years, two dance conventions will be mandatory for all competition team members. Locations and times to be determined later. (rev. 8/15)

B. During a nationals year, only one convention will be mandatory. Location and time of convention to be determined later. (rev. 8/15)

C. Throughout the year, other conventions will be available. These conventions are recommended, but optional.

D. If there is a scheduling conflict with the mandatory convention and a dancer is absolutely unable to attend, one of the other optional conventions must be attended. This will be at my discretion. Reasons such as graded school activities or religious events will be accepted. Other optional extra activities that conflict, including school sponsored and recreational sports, are not an acceptable reason to miss the mandatory dance convention. (rev. 8/15)

E. Dance convention fees are non-refundable. Unfortunately, the convention will not refund money, even for illness.

F. Locations of dance conventions will be chosen by me. Decisions will not be influenced by parent interaction. 




A. One dance competition will be attended throughout each season. This will be held sometime in May in Columbus, providing there are no major schedule or location changes on behalf of the competition organization.

B. A national competition will be attended every three years. The next national competition will be held in July 2019. (rev. 6/18)

C. Dance competitions are mandatory for all members of the team. A definite schedule will be given at the beginning of each dance season.

D. Locations of competitions will be chosen by me. No voting will take place, and requests and opinions will not be considered.

E. Entrance fees are non-refundable.




Every dancer progresses at a different rate. Each child has strengths that may differ from another child’s strengths, and these strengths are what combine to make a good group.  One dancer’s best may not be as strong as another dancer’s. My goal is to make each dancer the best dancer that she can possibly be, based on individual factors and not in comparison to other students. Over the years, the groups may change as dancers are moved to higher levels. At times, certain girls within a group will be chosen to do dances of which other group members are not a part.

A. Placement of dancers is based on a variety of factors and is at teacher discretion.

B. Parents are expected to respect any decisions regarding student placement or advancement. If a parent continually questions studio decisions, her child may be removed from the competition team.




Each year, some dancers will be chosen to perform solos at the dance competition. Not every member of a competition team will be a soloist. If I feel that a dancer can handle performing a solo, her parents will be notified.

A. Soloists are chosen based on teacher discretion.

B. Soloists will require extra lessons and additional fees.

C. Solos are performed at competition only.

D. Studio choreography, including solos, may only be performed at non-studio events if special permission is granted. If a student wishes to perform at a local event, she must already be a member of the organization responsible for putting on the event.

E. Payment for solo lessons are due on or before the date of the solo lesson (rev. 5/17)

F. If you must cancel your scheduled lesson, a 24-hour advance notice is required. If you do not show up for your scheduled lesson and you have not given advance notice, you will still be charged for that lesson. (rev. 5/17)




Competition dancers will take classes depending on personal preference. Some dancers will take all classes that are available, while others may opt to only take a few classes.

A. Ballet is mandatory for all dancers on a competition team. The studio will NOT compete in ballet, but the class has to be taken. There will be no exceptions. Once a dancer joins the senior competition team, she will no longer perform a ballet dance in recital, unless she is enrolled in a pointe class. A ballet class will still be taken for technique.

B. Dancers may compete in jazz, tap, lyrical, or all three disciplines, depending on personal preference. If a dancer is not strong enough to compete in a certain discipline, parents will be notified. Most team members participate in all styles of dance. This is recommended, as exposure to all styles of dance is very beneficial to the students.

C. Dancers will not compete in acrobatics unless they are members of the competiton acro team. This team is chosen by the instructors. All students are encouraged to take an acro class even if they are not part of the acro team.

D. Hip hop classes will be offered. At this time, hip hop is not a competiton class.

E. All competition dancers will participate in the opening number of each dance recital. This will require extra practices during the months of April through June. The opening number will be performed at competition only on the years we participate at nationals.




Extra fees are required to participate in dance competition. Everyone who wishes to be a part of the team needs to be aware of the fees that are involved.

A. Monthly tuition for competitive and non-competitive dancers is the same, with the exception of costume fees.

B. Annual registration fee for competition team members is $30 per member/family. The increase in registration fee is to help offset the additional administrative costs associated with participation in competition. (rev. 5/17)

C. Costume fees are not added into monthly tuition. Competition team members will be billed for costumes in three installments. The first installment will be due in October, the second due in December, and the third due in February. Costumes range in price from $65 to $100, but usually average about $70. YOU WILL PURCHASE A COSTUME FOR EVERY DANCE YOUR CHILD PERFORMS. (rev. 8/15)

D. Convention fees range from $150 to $275 per convention. Convention fees will be due approximately one and a half months before the date of the convention. (rev. 6/18)

E. Competition entrance fees range from $60 to $70 per group dance for regional competition, and $70 to $80 for national competition. Solo entrance fees range from $145 to $185. Entrance fees will be due approximately one and a half months before the date of the competitions. (rev. 6/18)

F. Late fees will be added to all competition, convention, and costume fees not submitted on time. Due dates for fees are given at the beginning of each dance season and are also available on the website. Payment is considered late if it is not received on or before the due date. It is your responsibility to make sure you submit your payments on time. Reminder invoices will be placed in the girls' folders in the studio office, as well as mailed to you. These are only reminders. (rev. 5/17)

G. If monthly tuition is not up-to-date, and no special arrangements have been made, payments made toward competitions, conventions, or costumes will be applied to tuition. NO COSTUMES WILL BE ORDERED OR FEES SUBMITTED without payment.

H. Recurring late payments may result in dancers being removed from the competiton team.

I. Additional expenses may occur throughout the season. These expenses include accessories or shoes that may not be included in the costume bill.

J. Every season we will travel to two events, and every third season we will also travel out of state for nationals. Traveling expenses such as lodging, gas, and food costs should be considered.




A. Competition dancers will have regular classes two to three times per week, depending on the number of classes each dancer takes.

B. The teachers will make every attempt to keep extra rehearsals to a minimum.  There will be times, however, when extra practices are scheduled. Dancers are expected to make every attempt to attend these practices.

C. The teachers will be as understanding as possible in regard to scheduling conflicts. We do realize that these dancers have other activities in which they are involved. It is imperative, however, that members of a competition team primarily reserve the months of April through the beginning of June for dance. Extra-curricular activities that take place in these months, including school sponsored and recreational sports, are not an excuse for a team member to miss either regularly scheduled dance classes or extra rehearsals. (rev. 8/15)

D. Students who continually miss class during the months of April, May, or June will not be included in the missed choreography. If a student continually misses classes during this crucial time, she will not be permitted to compete the following year.



9. SUMMER DANCE (added 8/15)

A. All members of a competition team are required to attend summer dance classes.

B. Summer dance classes are mandatory for all competition team members.



10. PRIVATE LESSONS (added 5/17)

A. Payment for private lessons is due on or before the date of the lesson.

B. If you cannot attend your scheduled private lesson, a 24-hour advance notice is required. If you do not show up and have not cancelled the lesson in advance, you will still be charged.




Fundraising may be available to help off-set the cost of national competition.

A. Fundraising is optional.

B. The availability of fundraising is subject to parent involvement. In order to receive an equal share of the profit, students must participate in 75% or more of the total number of fundraisers. Students who do not meet this requirement will only receive credit for those fundraisers in which they participate. If a student is not available on the days of the fundraiser, family members may participate in place of the student.

C. All fundraisers must be approved by me, and must be available to all members of the team.

D. If a student participates in fundraising and does not attend nationals, she will not receive any share of the profit.




When the competition team was originally formed, social media was not as pervasive as it is now. Due to the increased use of social networks among students, I have included a new clause to the contract. Please read it carefully, and please make sure your child reads it.

As a representative of the studio and competition team, students will:

A. Keep language clean.

B. Refrain from negataive comments regarding the studio.

C. Refrain from posting harassing comments toward peers.

D. Refrain from mentioning alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, or anything related to the four.

E. If students are unable to abide by these rules, they will be removed from the team.




Parent involvement is, at times, welcomed and appreciated. It is imperative, however, that all parents keep in mind that this is a business and not a parent-run organization.

A. No studio decisions will be based on parent interaction. This includes scheduling, costumes, locations, group names, teachers, or any other choice regarding the studio.

B. If a parent has a question or concern, it is best if she contact me directly, rather than rely on information given from another parent.

C. Not everyone will agree with every choice that I make. I do try to make this a positive, fun experience for kids. Please try to keep all negative comments and opinions to yourself, as they ultimately affect the entire atmosphere.



14. OPENING (added 8/15)

All members will participate in the opening number of the spring dance production.

A. An extra fee of $9 will be assessed in the regular monthly tuition.

B. Extra practices will be scheduled from March through June. These practices are mandatory.

C. An extra costume must be purchased.

D. During our national’s years, this number will be competed at both regionals and nationals. An entrance fee must be paid for each.



15. RECITAL (added 8/19)

The team receives a portion of the profits from concessions, 50/50, and flower sale. Members are also featured in the recital keepsake program at extensive cost to the studio but no cost to them. The team represents the studio image at recital; dancers have multiple costume changes and must look clean and professional onstage. Adults have to help them achieve this. In order for recital to run smoothly, a cosistent plan must be set with current team members and then passed on to future team members. The position of recital volunteer is no longer optional for team members; one adult volunteer per family is required to work dress rehearsal and one night of recital. Positions will be assigned by studio director based on need and age of student. Night preferences will be considered on a first come first served basis. Recital tickets for the opposite evening's performance will be discounted for volunteers.



16. RECITAL CONDUCT (added 8/19)

Team members and their families are required to abide by all studio rules. This includes no food in the auditorium and no videotaping during performance nights. All students and family members on the team are required to set an example and help enforce rules rather than set themselves apart as an exception to the rules. Those who cannot abide by the rules will not be permitted on the team the following year.



17. WARMUP JACKET (added 8/19)

Team members are required to purchase a studio warmpup jacket. This jacket is to be worn at conventions and competitions. Its purpose is to create team unity, help locate studio members in a crowd, and keep girls safe and modest in between classes/performances.




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